Friday, May 6, 2011

Tech Stuff

This is a quick post for those of you that create and maintain your own websites, like me.  I found a great flash slideshow program that creates really lovely image slideshows that are simple to make and embed in your websites, Facebook, blogs, etc.  It's called Flash Slideshow Maker Professional and I really like it!  I just updated my website and placed a great slideshow of images on the home page.  I highly reccomend this program, it offers tons of themes, layouts, transitions, music, and more.  Depending on your web skills, you can dig into the advanced features and make specific changes to suit your needs, or just go with the standards and you'll still be pleased.  When you are done, you upload to get the code for sharing, all with guidence and ease.  Check it out!!

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Queen of Tides said...

Great link, thanks for sharing. I'm always looking for good web design resources.