Monday, May 9, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Went to our local, monthly antique fair yesterday with my good friend and amazing jewelry designer Donatella Linari.  She has such a good eye, immediately zeroing in on the booths with the "real" stuff.  She took home a fantastic, ancient glass seal from Haiti that will be transformed into one of her signature pendants, can't wait to see that.

I snagged some goodies as well.  Found a sterling silver encased chatalain pencil, which I love and are harder and harder to find.  Dated to the mid 1800's, and a bargain to boot!  This will make a great pendant element.  The cased is etched sterling and the pencil was still inside.  I also found some vintage textured brass ring bands in a gorgeous, organic pattern.  Immediately used them to make the two rings pictured here.  I really like the look of these bands, very ancient and rustic.  I hope to find more very soon (internet, here I come...).  I finished my haul with two tiny pocket watch keys that will make fantastic earrings or pendant elements. 

We had a nice afternoon, nothing is more fun that an antique fair.   All in all, a great day sleuthing for treasure!

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