Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday--It was a Good Day!

Yesterday (Sunday) was a nicely productive day for me in the studio. My head was chock-full of inspiration from visiting my favorite artist's websites and blogs, and I was ready to try some new techniques and designs. I created four rings, each very different in style and appearance. One incorporates a vintage photograph and loose gemstones under a clear mineral crystal dome, one features a super-cool antique signet stone I found at a funky antique fair, the third features a hand-carved 800 year old bead from Africa, and the last is a huge stack of mixed metals hammered and heat treated with oil pastels. WHEW! Three of the rings are cold-connected, no soldering involved, and use my favorite copper and brass tube bezels in one way or another. I connected the elements using rivets and brass screws. How cool is that???

I'm most excited about working with oil pastels on metal (thank you again, Susan Lenart Kazmer). I had no idea you could work the colors into the metals (with or without patina), heat it with a torch or heat gun, then seal. The possibilities are endless, and I plan to do much, much more with this. I'll keep you posted...

In the meantime, here are a couple photos of the results. What do you think?????

All of these designs are available in my Etsy shop...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Amazing Artist...

Okay, so I'm cruising through Susan Lenart Kazmer's webiste--a constant source of inspiration--and I see they now have a Zine (online magazine). Wonderful stuff, you MUST take some time here. Anyway, while browsing through previous posts and images I discovered Richard Salley, my new FAVORITE ARTIST OF ALL TIME. His work is absolutely inspired. What he does with found objects, metals, wire, heat and patina will take your breath away. His tutorial for a locket pendant created from a rusted automotive flange has me digging through my husband's workshop for similar design elements. AND, he offers an online tutorial to create that very locket!! Please, please visit his site and prepare to pick your jaw up off the ground. I've included a couple images of his work here to whet your appetite...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bye-Bye 2009....THANK HEAVENS!

Excuse me if I slam the door on 2009...not the best of times for so many of us. I now turn my attention to 2010, with the hopes that the year is prosperous and PEACEFUL for all. I've been out of my studio for a while, holiday madness put the brakes on my creativity outside of the kitchen (I cooked me up a storm this season!). The holidays brought me a few culinary firsts--my first brined, organic turkey for Thanksgiving (DELICIOUS), my first "fancy dinner" with friends (tucked fresh allspice leaves into each folded napkin--cloth napkins--at the table), and my first attempt to make homemade beer bread (eh, could take it or leave it). All in all, fun and EXHAUSTING.

Now, it's time to get creating in the studio! I'm still struggling with my conscience, debating how to create meaningful art and jewelry that doesn't take advantage of the planet's designs this year will be different--I can feel it.

I would love to hear from other artists out there who are "creating with conciousness" so to speak. How do you express yourself artistically? Please, send me your stories or images to share. We all need inspiration, right? I hope 2010 inspires us all to create with intent, share with heart, and celebrate the natural wonders all around us.

Happy New Year!