Friday, June 15, 2012

In the News...

Just a quick note and a link to an article that just came out about me in our local newspaper, The Palm Beach Post.  I am a member of a cooperative gallery in Lake Worth (Clay Glass Metal Stone), as well as a new member of the Palm Beach Cultural Council.  I have been showing my sculptural works in the Council Gallery (Uniquely Palm Beach), and they featured me as part of a series showcasing artists in the retail Gallery housed within the Council's brand new home in the Montgomery Building, also in Lake Worth.  I was so flattered, and actually can stand the photo taken, so it was a win all around!!  Thanks to Laura Tingle and Nichole Hickey of PBCC, and thanks to Randall Lieberman and Damon Higgins of the Post.  I hope this and future artist profiles will bring a new audience to this great little gallery featuring 50+ local artists!!  If you are in the Lake Worth area, please stop by for a visit.  The retail Gallery is full to bursting with amazing art, and the exhibits are breathtaking as well.  Definately worth your time!  Be sure to stop by CGMS Gallery as well, right next door to the Council!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Lost Tutorial...Image Transfer

Hello all!  I've been getting some emails and requests for my image transfer tutorial, that at one time lived on this blog, but then the Internet ate it.  So, I've found it, and republished it here.  You can also find it at ArtChix Studio, a wonderful website full of fantastic image collage sheets, ITS solution, and about a billion other things you will HAVE TO BUY (including a new line of ADORABLE miniature wood cuts perfect for mixed mediapalooza). 

I hope the tutorial works for you--image transfer is so fun.  Explore texture with this--burn the edges of your paper first, sand bits away when finished, go nuts.  I'd love to see what you create--feel free to share images of your finished works with me and I'll post them here!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Artist Shout Out - Desert Talismans

Okay, let me start by saying that this artist makes me positively GREEN with creative ENVY.  I love everything she does and have stalked (I mean "followed") her on Etsy for years.  Dawn Wilson-Enoch of Desert Talismans creates stunning jewelry using native stones, leathers, found objects and cast silver and bronze.  She makes her own molds for casting from natural materials (like thousand year old trees and stones) and has such a deep love for her native New Mexico landscape--totally reflected in her work.  She has inspired me so much--I know you will feel the same.  Take a peek at her Etsy shop and prepare to be amazed.  So glad I discovered her, and so worth sharing.