Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nunn Designs - Kid in a Candy Store!!!

I've posted before about how excited I am to be a part of Nunn Designs Innovation Team for 2012.  The team is made up of some really amazing, talente jewelry designers and artists, and I am so happy to be included with these folks!  Since January, we have all been playing with Rebecca Nunn's wonderful line of jewelry componants and I am having a ball.  We've been a bit secretive, and haven't been able to share many of the completed designs.  That is becuase Becky shows our designs to potential jewelry and art magazine editors in hopes of promoting our work.  How cool is that????  Well, I have been given the "green light" to talk about some of the designs I have created so far.  I have said it before, and I'll say it again, I am so pleased with the quality of Nunn componants!  The bezels, chains, ring blanks, and charms are so well designed and well made.  I especially love the variety of styles and finishes...bright silver, pewter, brass, antique brass and more, all equally lovely.  The pendant shown below was created using resin, a Patera bezel pendant  heart, round bezel charm, collage sheets, fern and spiral connectors with Nunn's great chain in copper and brass.  The bracelet was made with silver chain, bezel charms, resin, collage sheets and charms. 

These initial designs were created when I was familiarizing myself with the products.  Since then, I have gone totally crazy and integrated the products with "my" style (in effect beating them up, drilling, and generally torturing them) with GREAT results.  More photos to come.

I played with resins, transfer sheets, collages and more--all availalble through Nunn.  I find that the Patera bezels, tags and pendants are really fun.  Great to stamp, drill, etc.  The layered, raised tags really are super cool, can't wait to work with them.  The bracelet blanks are also wonderful, I just created a resin set bracelet I'd love to share....maybe next time.  Anyway, the line is affordable, gorgeous, and great for mixed media freaks like me.

AND, you can find wonderful tutorials and how-to videos on the Nunn site, so go there and get inspired!