Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cernunnos - God of the Forest Assemblage Necklace

I found these amazing antique porcelain doll bodies, they are from ArtChix Studios. They are hollow, and perfect for assemblage work. This is my newest design using the last of my doll bodies. Back to ArtChix--I hope they have more!

I created Cernunnos, a mythical God of the Forest, Protector of the Hunt. I wanted this piece to be an example of wearable art--I designed it to be displayed when not being worn. It is also my first multi-functional piece. The headdress, created from feathers and silver-over-copper antlers set in a silver cone, is a removable pendant that can be worn alone. The sterling silver ball chain is attached and fits inside the doll body with ease. Around his neck are silk fibers and a "necklace" made from a gorgeous rubilite garnet and fine brass wire. I hand-made as much of the componants as possible--the sterling silver "branch" arms, the brass "branch" and copper leaves are all made by me. I also included a removable hand-made sterling silver antler ring attached below the doll body, held in place with a sterling silver "T" bar. A manufactured brass leaf accents here. The entire piece is connected to 18-inches of antiqued brass chain with a hammered brass "S" closure. I even made the bamboo stand for display.

So, you can wear this complete as a truly amazing statement piece, or separately for every day. I especially like the ring--it's adjustable and really fun to wear.

It was a labor of love to make this--I can't wait to wear it out!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New SlideShow Program...

Just discovered a great slideshow program online called Slide. Quick, easy, FREE and you can share almost anywhere. So, I created this--some of my recent and past work. Give it a try!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Experimenting...

Another package arrived from Objects and love getting those! Their new line of handmade brass charms are so cool. Very ancient in appearance, so many to choose from! Can't wait to begin working with them. I did immediately pounce on the faux bone I ordered. In case you haven't heard, this stuff is really fun to work with. It's basically PVC in sheet form. You can cut, saw, heat, bend, scratch, and carve with ease. Age it with anything from shoe polish to glaze, buff it up, and you have the look of ancient bone. Robert Dancik is the genius behind this, and he is aslo a fantastic jewelry designer. Take a peek at his site and get inspired...Don't miss his tutorial on YouTube!

So, here are two new designs using some of the great stuff from O and E. The bracelet is made from a 7-inch brass bangle topped with layers of brass, faux bone, copper, sterling silver and a Michigan beach stone. I textured and aged/patina'd all the metals myself. This piece is cold-connected--held together with brass screws and nuts. The ring is a layered design using sterling silver that I impressed with a woodgrain pattern then colored with patina to bring out the design, topped with sterling silver, a text transparancey sheet, a cup of plexiglass, a copper washer, a brass bezel and sterling silver bead (again, held together with a brass screw and nut). Love them!

More to come soon....