Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where Have I Been??? AND, Asymmetry.

First, where HAVE I been?  In a word...WORKING.  RSCF, Beadkeepers, Facebook, RSCF...etc.  I have also been writing for Love My Art Jewelry.  What a fantastic group of amazing jewelry artists!  If you don't know them...GO THERE RIGHT NOW AND LOOK AT ALL THE BEAUTIFUL WORK AND WORDS...I write for their blog twice a month, which has sort of taken the place of writing here.  Sorry.  I have to figure out how to link my posts for LMAJ here...have to ask a neighborhood 12 year old to come show me some of them fancy computer tricks and such.
Anyway, busy on the farm, baby season is fast approaching, which means I will be hand feeding baby parrots, and who knows what else.  In the few moments before all THAT chaos begins, I wanted to bring you all up to speed on the LMAJ's latest blog subject--Asymmetry.  This post is part of LMAJ's blog hop, so please be sure to peek the fabulous works on the subject offered by the uber-creative artists in the group.

Some of my babies--red browed Amazon chick, baby bongo antelope and baby pygmy marmoset.
Asymmetry for me is an integral part of most of my jewelry designs.  Asymmetry involves embracing imbalance--tossing symmetry out the window.  While it is second nature now, it wasn't always so.  Early in my designing life the idea of an "unbalanced" design was CRAZY TALK.  All my designs had to match and balance down to the exact bead count.  The idea of incorporating different shapes and offsets was simply unthinkable.  Now, I can't imagine creating any other way. I draw my inspiration from the natural world, and NOTHING in nature is ever perfect, nothing matches, and it's all GORGEOUS. 
I strongly encourage exploration in jewelry design, and working outside the "balance" can be challenging and very, very rewarding.  I've included a few examples of my own asymmetric works, along with some amazing contemporary designs by artist I adore.  If you have never tried this design aesthetic, take a look at the posts about the subject on LMAJ, explore the Internet for inspiration, and dive in.  There is such freedom designing this way--so many possibilities from simple, elegant works to totally off the wall avant-garde expressions....Throw caution to the wind and CREATE something!