Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Steel My Heart

I've recently started working more with steel wire.  I've had a spool of 16 gauge wire on my bench for some time, using it as accent wire, etc., but never as a design focal pint.  I can thank Susan Lenart Kazmer and Brenda Schweder for bringing steel wire to the forefront, both have published books, videos and tutorials about the wonders of steel wire.  I just got Brenda's book, Steel Wire Jewelry, full of inspiration.  AND, one of my all-time jewelry design heroes, Richard Salley, also incorporates steel wire in his amazing designs.

The economy has also played a big part in my shift to alternative metals other than silver or gold.  Steel wire is affordable and gaining in popularity.  I get mine from Objects and Elements.

I'm having a blast working with steel, it hammers, wraps, bends and solders like a dream.  There are several new designs in the works, I'll post pics as I go.  Shown here is a necklace/ring set made with steel, pearls and amazonite on black brass chain.  Dramatic and industrial, yet also kind of glamorous too!

If you haven't worked with steel before, I highly recommend it.  Get yourself a spool and have some fun!


Queen of Tides said...

Love the steel wire! Have not ever considered it, but with the price of gold and silver so high, you have inspired me to give it a try. Your work is amazing, as usual, love it!

Queen of Tides said...

You know, a person could very easily get lost in your blog, for days...I love it.