Sunday, June 1, 2014

For Maya--The Naked Truth

We suffered a terrible loss this week.  The passing of Dr. Maya Angelou has left a silence where once resonated a quiet, calm, deeply emotional and heartful voice.  Her words inspired generations and the echo of her voice will hopefully roll through time forever.
Her passing brought to mind something I created a few years ago--a necklace in tribute to women and how women are perceived through time.  Created from images of vintage nudes, steel, and an aged mirror.  Text affirmations in glass vials rest in between.  I wrote something to go with it, but never published what I wrote until now.  This is for every woman out there who has ever struggled and doubted herself.  The necklace now resides with a fantastic, strong, talented and joyous woman in her own right--I could not have wished for a better person to wear this and live this.  Thank you, Durga.  And thank you Dr. Angelou, for so eloquently speaking and  joyously living your truth, and for sharing that truth with the world.
For Maya--The Naked Truth
What age am I you ask?
I'm the age where I answer to no one but myself.
I'm the age where the only opinion that matters is my own.
I'm the age where my hair, my clothes and my body are configured, adorned and displayed to please only me.
I'm the age where a great sense of humor and a strong sense of self
are a thousand times sexier than a big dick or a big ego.

I'm the age where sex, when I choose to have it, is mind-blowing.
I'm the age where the people I love and choose to spend time with understand what that time is. 
A gift.
I’m the age where time has meaning, and if you waste mine you have stolen from me
and I will have none left for you.
I’m the age when the brand, make and model mean nothing, but quality and craftsmanship mean everything.
I’m the age where art is like breathing and I choose to breathe deeply.
I’m the age where I can weep for the world, and I do. 
I’m the age where I could choose to look away…but I don’t.
My age is a wave that has carried me across a vast ocean, and I ride the swell as long and as far as I can.
My age, in a word, is enviable.


Ann Schroeder said...

I love what you wrote, and I love what you made.

Carol Dekle said...

Karen this is such a heart felt and powerful tribute to Dr Maya Angelou. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation and your inspiring words!

Lesley said...

Heavens but does that resonate with me!! Beautifully put Karen - it's such a good feeling when you wake up comfortable in your on skin...I just wish it happened sooner. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi Karen! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous necklace & your awesome words of wisdom! I'm truly in awe at how "deep" & significant & inspirational your design is as well as what you wrote! I'm so glad that I was blog hopping tonight!