Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dreams Become Reality

I'm always designing in my head.  No matter how busy I am, my thoughts inevitably turn to some sort of creative endeavor.  Sometimes being too busy to actually sit down and create can be a good thing.  This pendant, "Arbor Boy" is a good example.  I'd been imagining this pendant for weeks, going over every detail in my mind, but had no time to actually work on it until yesterday.  When I finally sat down to make it, the design flowed like water!

I created him from a tiny antique porcelain doll head set on an etched/heat treated copper "stage".  A hand made tree grows from his head, and below an antique sterling silver fork acts as roots, holding a French blown glass level.  Copper, brass and pewter gears accent. 

Arbor Boy represents my belief that we must think and live  "green" to restore balance to our planet.

So, don't be too impatient to create your next big idea/design.  Let it live and grow in your imagination for a bit, and the final result may be all the better for it.

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