Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm all Etchy...

Been experimenting with etching and LOVE IT! Made two new locket pendants over the past couple of days, plus a ring, plus some earrings...basically etching anything and everything copper and brass. Here are a couple images of the lockets--one features a great collage image of a finch, the other a picture taken of my Mother when she was a girl. One of my favorite photos. More images to come--what do you think???

Just for Fun - Etsy can really rock sometimes. I love having a shop there, and am constantly inspired and surprised by the artists I discover. This "Mom and Dad" artist duo was featured on Etsy's home page and I really love the work! I'm not a huge "doll" or "figure" collector, but these creations are just weired enough to make me want one! Take a look at Cart Before the Horse!

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RedPanties said...

Great assemblage pieces, love the etching! So glad I linked to your blog thru Artchix; you have super taste and thanks to you I've discovered some new etsy sellers!