Monday, April 12, 2010

And Now for Something COMPLETELY Different...

I've been obsessively etching copper and brass for days--I get that way with a new idea or toy. So, I decided to pull myself out of that and refresh myself in a completely different direction for a project I hope to be a part of.

I heard about a call for artists to participate in a "Steampunk Inspiration" book to be published next year. I've been fooling around with assemblage jewelry for a while now, and have really enjoyed creating funky necklaces using antique German doll bodies. These porcelain figures are hollow, and make great pendants! I've created four so far, and this is the latest, my Raven God. The "wings" are made from hammered sterling silver wire and silver tubes. I inserted black turkey feathers into the tubes. It's multi-functional as well. The pewter raven head-piece is another necklace, the chain fits inside the doll body. Below is an adjustable sterling silver ring with guinea and turkey feathers suspended by a sterling silver hook. You can wear the whole thing when you need the DRAMA, or wear the smaller necklace and ring seperately. I used a sterling silver neck wire for this so it could be hung on a wall when not being worn. This is definately meant to be displayed! I submitted photos of this guy along with some other assemblage work. Hope I get in!!!

I still have three or four doll bodies left...I'm thinking of creating a botanical piece next....I'll keep you posted!!

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