Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing with PVC

I love Robert Dancik's work. He is the creator of Faux Bone, a pvc product in sheet form that you can easily form, carve and treat to look like aged bone. I haunt his website and love his tutorials. Since discovering Faux Bone, I have also started experimenting with PVC on my own. It's inexpensive (cheap, actually) and easily available at local hardware and home improvement stores.

I recently stumbled upon a bracelet design while helping my husband clean off his work bench in our garage. He had some PVC pipe fittings laying around, and I found one that I initially thought would work well as a bracelet form for my wire work. It was a 2.5 inside diameter, schedule 40 PVC pipe fitting. The outside circumference is the perfect size for a standard bangle. Then it occured to me that maybe I could make a bangle from the pipe alone....hmmmmmm. A couple hours later and I had a lovely, aged bone bangle with copper accents.

So, I give you the Super-Cool PVC Bangle Tutorial! I wanted to share this because it's so fun to make and inexpensive to boot! This is a perfect holiday gift idea, and you can customize the look any way you wish!

Take a peek, and let me know what you think. If you make a bangle, I'd love to see it. Share the photos and I'll post here.

Have fun!!!
PVC Bracelet Tutorial


Sweet Willow Designs said...

Love this tutorial. Thanks.

RSCF Staff said...

Thanks, Sweet Willow! If you make a bangle, please send me a picture. I'd love to see what you do with this.