Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Cleaning - It Just Might Kill Me

So, I've spent the last three days feverishly attempting to bring order to the chaos in my house and studio space.  Spring Cleaning sounds so optimistic and bright...yeah, right.  My back is killing me, I've hauled three giant lawn and leaf bags of junk to the curb and I still haven't touched my cave of a closet.

On the bright side I did tackle my work bench with damn good results.  It was such a complete disaster--looked like a bomb went off--and I had given up actually working in the space.  The upside, besides re-discovering the actual surface of the table, was finding all the stuff I forgot I had buried in the mess.  Sort of like a shopping spree in my garage.

I know the new-found organization won't last, we creative types aren't known for our neatness.  But I will enjoy the open space while I can...Now, on to the closet!

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