Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dive Down the Rabbit Hole...

Okay, strap yourselves in and get ready to blow your mind with some FREAKY, CRAZY, GORGEOUS stuff. I just discovered Keith E. Lo Bue and he is my new PERSONAL HERO. Please, please take some time to sip a goblet of absinthe and browse his web site. He takes mixed media art and jewelry design to an entirely unheard of level. What he does with spoons...Holy Moly!!! Whether you are a fan of "steampunk" art or not, you simply can't deny the man's unholy talent. I'm green with envy....and FILLED with inspiration. So, take off your rose-colored glasses (unless the frames are made from animal bones) and prepare to be AMAZED.

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Warehouse Blog Squad said...

Yowza! His stuff is crazyly creative. Don't you wish you could get those prices???????