Monday, July 12, 2010

Florida Craftsmen

I've been so busy with my "real life" that I have had no time to vacation in cyber space lately. But, I wanted to share some exciting news, so here I am. Last week I got an email from the director of the Florida Craftsmen Gallery in St. Pete. They are a non-profit, member organization that represents Florida artists. They want me to join the Gallery! They have asked for 10 pieces--I am so excited. The Gallery is really lovely, they have a great contract and are totally professional. I am flattered and terrified at the same time. I'm trying to put together 10 pieces that reflect my work, I figured five rings and five necklaces....still, very intimidating! Have to put this together today and ship tomorrow if I can. Wish me luck!!!

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Queen of Tides said...

You don't need any luck, your work is absolutely amazing! Congratulations, what a great opportunity, maybe I'll get back down to Florida someday and get to check it out!