Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Morgane Got Married!

A few months ago, I was approached on my Etsy site by a wonderful young woman named Morgane. She was plannig her wedding and had chosen ME to design her wedding ring! GASP! I have never done this before, and was both petrified and honored to be a part of such a momentous occasion! She really liked my bird's nest ring, so I made one for her with tiny sterling silver "eggs" in the golden nest. Perfect! Well......not so fast. She was in Mexico, and I have never shipped to Mexico. I figured three weeks in advance would be plenty of time....I WAS WRONG! I shipped the ring and assumed all was well until poor Morgane started contacting me as the wedding was suddenly days away and NO RING! Needless to say I was ill with panic. My first wedding ring and it might miss the wedding! On top of that, the wedding was to be held in FRANCE, and Morgane was getting ready to LEAVE WITH NO RING! I must say I was beside myself. Anyway, on the day she was to leave for France I had all but given up hope, when the ring arrived 2 hours prior to her flight!!! Talk about a close call! I don't know about Morgane, but I nearly wept with relief!

So, Morgane is married (to a handsome young man I might add) and the ring is on her finger. Thank you, Morgane, for choosing me and for sharing these photos from your big day. I wish you both nothing but happiness wherever your nest may be!!

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Queen of Tides said...

How cool! What a wonderful compliment about your work!!! And the ring is just lovely with the gold and silver...you are so very talented my friend!